Processing NGC7000 North America and IC5070 Pelican Nebulae

Peter Jenkins walks us through the processing of North American and Pelican Nebulae, using advanced techniques in PixInsight and Photoshop. The dataset consists of 5 images for each of the Halpha, OIII and SII filters, with 600 seconds exposure each, for a total cost of 200 credits. The observations were obtained using our wide field Takakashi FSQ-106 installed in Spain (SPA-3). You can download the associated dataset at the end of the page. This is a Premium tutorial, requiring a monthly subscription of $99/month or higher. You can upgrade your plan, by navigating to Account Settings, Upgrade.
by Peter Jenkins
9 videos, 0h 55m
Software used: Pixinsight, Photoshop, StarNet++
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