Advanced requests

Specifically designed for the most demanding astrophotographers, advanced requests allow you to tweak evey aspect of your observations and to obtain the highest quality raw images. Get exclusive access to our worldwide network of telescopes located under the best skies.

All the Advanced Requests have maximum priority against all the other observation modalities available. This means that you will get your images as quickly as possible.
Advanced Requests


What’s in it for me?

Define and choose every aspect of your observations, and leave the scheduling to our advanced algorithms to get your images delivered as soon as possible and under the best sky conditions.
Our alogirthms and our staff check every image acquired. When poor images are detected, we will reacquire them automatically or give you a refund, meaning that will never get poor quality images.
Forget about setup times, loss of imaging time due to poor weather, or long calibration runs. We take care of everything for you, and deliver only good quality, fully calibrated images

How it works

See it in action

Watch this video to learn more about Advanced Requests.