Observation Bundles

Looking for huge datasets without having to spend a fortune on bespoke observations?

If that’s the case, our Observation Bundles are exactly what you’re looking for!

Observation Bundles are collections of One-Click Observations of the same object, obtained with the same telescope and filters.

So, a bundle is made up of multiple One-Click Observations of the same object, combined together to obtain a much deeper and better final astrophotography picture.

Moreover, they are even cheaper than what you would pay for the equivalent cost of all single One-Click Observations, with a 10% discount when you download all the datasets ever obtained for a given object, using the same telescope and filters.

Get immediate access to tens of hours of observations for hundreds of night-sky objects to create the most stunning astrophotography pictures.
Observation Bundles


What’s in it for me?

When we talk about final image quality, the more data you have, the more depth you gain, and the better quality results you can achieve when post-processing.
Immediate availability of up to tens of hours of observing time for each specific target. Effortlessly download datasets for hundreds of night-sky objects.
As if One-Click Observations weren’t cheap enough, you can save an additional 10% on all Observation Bundles when you download them.

How it works

See it in action

Watch this video to learn more about Observation Bundles.