One-click observations

The One-Click Observations are the easiest and most convenient way to obtain processed images and raw data from our telescopes.

Since each One-Click Observation is curated by our team of expert astronomers and astrophotographers, you will leave the complexities of setting up the observations to our expert observers, and you will effortlessly download in one click fully calibrated images ready to be post-processed.

When you grab a One-Click Observation, you will get both the original raw data sets and a high quality coloured picture ready to be shared.

You will get immediate access to the data grabbed without having to wait for days to obtain your images delivered and without waiting for clear skies.

All the One-Click Observations are regularly obtained from our network of telescopes, offering you a wide choice of raw images that is constantly increasing over time.
One Click Observations


What’s in it for me?

No previous knowledge is required to get your stunning images of night sky objects such as stars, nebulae and galaxies; you literally need just one click to obtain the images.
One-Click Observations are the most affordable way available on the market to obtain processed images daily (and with the quality of scientific-grade telescopes).
You can choose among thousands of images ready to be downloaded available from our catalogue, which is constantly increasing over time since it's updated daily.

How it works

See it in action

Watch this video to learn more about One-Click Observations.