The 6 enemies that are able to ruin any observation


Read this article to learn how to defeat them – once and for all!

My dear Astro-addict,

I know that every astrophotographer constantly faces the same common problems with their observations.

I’ve identified 6 specific enemies that are able to ruin the day (or maybe I should say the night) of every astrophotographer.

I’ve decided to write this article because we have found a solution that is going to get rid of these 6 common enemies.

Before we dive in, allow me to do a brief introduction/disclaimer:

The revolutionary solution that I’m going to present you is not a substitute to “going out in the fields”.

We all know that taking your gears to a remote location far away from the city’s light pollution and spending all night in search of the best Astro-picture is part of the fun in this hobby (a big part indeed).

So, keep this fact in mind while reading this article, because what I’m going to present you is a solution that will allow you to overcome the most common problems when you don’t have enough time, resources or when some external factors (such as the weather) are plotting against your observations.

The only thing that we want to do is to bring a new way of observing the night sky and to give you all the necessary instruments for cultivating your passion in a more deeply and conscious manner.

That said, we are finally ready to see which are the 6 main and common enemies that every astrophotographer has to face and how we can beat them!

Enemy # 1

The Weather – that son of a gun

Ok, this first enemy is probably the worst you can face.

Being a practical man, I have always hated things which I don’t have any kind of control over and the weather is probably the most subtle enemy.

Even if you go out with your gear during a wonderful night, there is always the chance that a perfectly sized cloud comes out of nowhere and ruins your observation.

This is particularly painful if it happens just in the middle of your observation when you have already spent so much time finding the perfect spot, choosing your target and setting up the telescope.

Without mentioning those periods of the year when the weather is characterized by rain, fog and cloudy skies.

Sometimes weeks can go by without having the chance to observe the night sky.

Here there is nothing you can actually do because you are totally lacking control over this element.


We have a solution!

Thanks to the fact that our observatories are located under the best skies, you now have the chance to acquire great astrophotography pictures in the best sky conditions, even when the weather is hitting hard where you live.

Choose from El Souce in Chile, Heaven’s Mirror in Australia or IC Astronomy in Spain.

With our vast choice of locations, you can now forget all your weather problems once and for all!

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Enemy # 2

"Moon" by sjmck licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Moon – A Pale And Demanding Mistress

Well, after the weather, I think that the moon is probably the second most insidious enemy.

Even though we know when the moon will be “out for the night”, it can always ruin our observations.

The new-moon days are very limited and, if the weather doesn’t collaborate and is badly behaved in that period, the chances to observe your selected object go down the drain.

When you are selecting your target, you must be very careful in order to be sure that the moonlight doesn’t interfere, and this can be really painful.


We have a solution!

Thanks to our automated schedule, you can choose the desired moon conditions in which you wish to observe.

Select the best moon avoidance constraints for your observation in relation to the object you desire and we guarantee you the best results!

Enemy # 3

Time - The Scarcest Resource On Earth

We all know that time is a big problem and, in cultivating this passion, you will need a lot of it.

You will need the time to reach the perfect spot.

You will need the time to set up your telescope.

You will need the time to acquire the images.

And finally, you will need the time to post-process the pictures.

All that time spent tells us one thing: this hobby is not for everyone.

You must devote yourself to astrophotography and, as you know, without passion there is no devotion.

This immense passion is the reason why the astrophotography community is made by very special individuals who love to share with the world their knowledge and discoveries.

And that’s something just awesome!

Sometimes though, you physically don’t have all the time that is necessary to create a jaw-dropping picture.

We all live frenetic lives and this lifestyle doesn’t get along very well with our passion.

Without even mentioning the fact that, sometimes, you want to set up a very long observation and you are forced to split it into several night sessions.

A situation that requires much more time than the one you usually spend for a “simpler” observation.


We have a solution!

If, for any kind of reason, you are living a period in which you don’t have enough time to dedicate to this passion, now you can still take great pictures of the night sky thanks to our automated service.

You choose the target and the observing parameters and we will take the images for you.

In a few days, you will receive in your Data Archive the images you requested ready to be post-processed.

Moreover, our automated scheduling allows you to set up observations that can run even for tens of hours, without the need to think about how to schedule them.

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This is because our automated scheduler routinely  takes care of scheduling your observations in the best possible way, allowing very long requests to be fulfilled optimally across several days or weeks.

Enemy # 4

Image’s Quality – Do You Like Playing The Russian’s Roulette? Neither do I

"referrence stars" by davedehetre is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ok, let’s assume now that the fates have been benevolent with you

So you have all the time to go out and observe in peace, the weather is perfect and the moonlight doesn’t interfere with your observation…

You take your images and then you go home where you find out – with the greatest of misery and the most impetuous rage – that your data is not usable for the project you had in mind.

This is frustrating (to say the least).

Nobody will refund you for your time, resources and energy spent.


We have a solution!

Thanks to specific algorithms and a proven quality control system, we guarantee the best observation results!

If, for any reason, the pictures taken with our telescopes are compromised, we schedule a new observation until the right photo (or data) comes out like you are expecting it.

In such a way, we can be sure that your observations will be exactly the ones you paid for.

Enemy # 5

Money – Makes The World Go Round

This is a problem that not everybody is facing (luckily for them!).

But the great majority of astrophotographers can’t always say that money isn’t an issue.

Sometimes you really want to buy a new telescope, a new tripod or a new filter.

You need it in order to get to the “next level” or just to take a specific shot of the object you are constantly dreaming of!

But the problem is that this equipment has elevated upfront costs that can really be way too expensive.


We have a solution!

Thanks to our network of 9 professional and top-quality telescopes located in 3 different observatories around the world, you will now have access to equipment that costs up to hundreds of thousands of dollars

And the great thing is that you will be able to use them paying an infinitesimal part of it.

To make a comparison, you could almost say that we are renting you a Formula 1 car for the price of renting a kid’s bicycle!

With our pay-as-you-go system, you will only pay for the telescope time that you use, without even being charged for all the pre-setting time necessary for the observation.

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Enemy # 6

Your Physical Position – Son, You’ve Ended Up In The Wrong Hemisphere!

"Hammond Cylindrical Projection World Map 1905" by perpetualplum is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Sometimes the problems we face is that we deeply want to take a picture of an object but we can’t physically do it…

Most of the time, this issue is associated with our physical position (i.e. where we are).

There are many astrophotographers living in the northern hemisphere that would gladly sell their mother in order to take a picture of the Tarantula Nebula, as well as there are people living in the southern part of our planet that would do the same for grabbing raw data of the Pleiades.

This barrier can be overcome only if you catch a plane and travel abroad (most of the time in some isolated and lost locations).

In this case, the problems you face are (again) money and time…

In fact, not everyone can afford a trip to the other hemisphere – either for a question of money or a matter of time.

Or maybe, more easily, you can be in a specific time of the year when your chosen target is almost inaccessible for reasons such as its elevation, the moment of the night when it becomes visible or, again, due to the position and brightness of the moon…


We have a solution!

In case the observation’ schedule of your chosen target is incompatible with your usual observation’s location in that specific time of the year, we’ve got you covered thanks to our automated scheduling that takes care of all the different factors impeding your observation.

But we also cover the problems associated with the limitations of your usual location, since, with our network of telescopes located in both hemispheres, you can now take shots of all the objects that you have always dreamt of but that have always been inaccessible before!

Observe Now The Night Skies Of Both Hemispheres

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These were the 6 main enemies that every astrophotographer has to face (up until now)!

As I’ve demonstrated to you, there is a solution to all these problems and this solution is remote imaging!

Now you can finally observe the night sky and every celestial object you may have dreamed of at any time from the comfort of your home with a guaranteed result!

At Telescope Live, we give you the chance to observe the night sky with our professional and top-quality telescopes located under the best skies in the world, obtaining jaw-dropping pictures of your favourite celestial objects – and you will do all that from the comfort of your home

As I’ve said in the introduction of this article, this is not a substitute for going out hunting for space objects.

We only want to offer to all the true passionate astrophotographers of the world a new way of observing the night sky.

We want to give you all the instruments necessary for cultivating your passion in a more deeply and conscious manner.

So why don’t you give remote imaging a chance with Telescope Live?

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I hope that this article may have widened your observation’s limits.

Welcome to The New Home For Astrophotography!

Welcome to Telescope Live!

First image credit: "Astrofotografie Equipment (CGEM, C8)" by cfaobam is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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