And The June 2021 Contest Winners Are...


Today is podium day!

Our judges have completed their evaluation of all the post-processed pictures submitted for the previous month contests and now we have the winners.

This month, we have a new special content for you, in fact, we just released a pre-recorded video on our Youtube Channel.

In the video I will talk to you about some exciting news from Telescope Live. Next to that Yannick, the new member of our judging board, will show you "How to create colorful stars from narrowband data". Finally Adam Block will announce and comment on the winners of the June 2021 Contest.

Check out the video:

The winners for the May 2021 One-click Observation Contest are

1st place

Prize: 100 credits

Rosette Nebula by Bernard Miller

2nd place

Prize: 50 credits

NGC 6744 by David Mihalic

The winners for the May 2021 Pro Datasets Contest are

1st place

Prize: 200 credits

NGC 6559 by Leonel Padron

2nd place

Prize: 100 credits

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Messier 78 by Chris Parfett

The winners for the May 2021 Advanced Request Contest are

1st place

Prize: 500 credits

Crescent to Tulip by Jamie Macdougall

2nd place

Prize: 250 credits

NGC 6164 by Allen Carson

Let’s give a round of applause to all the winners who are going to enjoy the honours and the prizes!

We will contact the winners individually to deliver their prizes shortly.

The July 2021 Contests Are Here!

Before we say goodbye, please let me announce the new contests for the Advanced Requests, One-Click Observations, Pro Datasets are already going on so you can take part in this contest and, if luck helps you (together with your abilities), next month you may be proclaimed winner!

The July 2021 contest for One Click Observations and Pro Datasets features Northern Hemisphere Targets, meaning that the processed images need to come from any of our telescopes from the northern hemisphere. Remember that Premium datasets also qualify.

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The rules for the Advanced Request July 2021 Contest are much more relaxed. Any advanced request qualifies, provided that it completes in the same month of the contest you're participating in

To qualify to any of these contests, remember to add the appropriate tags when you submit your image to the gallery: #OneClickContestJul21, #ProDatasetContestJul21, #AdvReqContestJul21 

If you are new to our platform or if you never took part in such contests in the past, you might read the dedicated blog post: 

Let Me Read the Rules

Thanks to everyone who participated to the June 2021 contest, and congratulations again to the winners!

See you space cowboy,

Marco Rocchetto

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