Telescope Live Astrophotography Picture Contests

picture contests

Great prizes up for grab every month for the best astrophotography picture in two different categories: One-Click Observations and Pro Datasets

Ladies and gentlemen,

In this page, you will find the rules for Telescope Live Astrophotography Picture Contests and the respective prizes up for grabs

So, if you are intrigued by the idea to compete (in a friendly way, of course) for the best astrophotography picture, and you want to give it a go trying to win hundreds of credits to use our telescopes this is the opportunity you were waiting for.

Obviously, if you aren't a subscriber yet, you have to sign up to Telescope Live to participate to the contests. We have a one-week free trial where you can enjoy all the features of the Silver plan for free, for one week.

General Rules Of Engagement

RULE # 1

Each month we are going to give a common “topic” for the One-Click Observation and Pro Dataset categories, and this means that all the pictures that are going to be presented must be of a specific kind of space object.

If you are a Telescope Live subscriber, you will also be notified via email about the topic of each month and we will also keep you posted in our Facebook Community.

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RULE # 2

To qualify for the contest of the current month You must upload your astro-picture in our gallery before the end of each month

If you exceed the terms, your picture won’t qualify.

RULE # 3

You must tag the picture uploaded in our gallery with some specific tags:

  • #ProDatasetContestMMMYY for the Pro Dataset contest
  • #OneClickContestMMMYY for the One-Click Observation contest

Where MMM is the first three letters of the month (e.g. Sep, Oct, Nov etc), and YY is the year (e.g. 21)

If you don’t apply the tags requested, you won’t be qualified for the contest.

The Jury And Their Criteria

The jury is composed of world-renowned astrophotographers that need no introduction if you are part of the astrophotography world and Telescope Live, and include: Adam Block, Nik Szymanek, Yannick Akar, Peter Jenkins. Every now and then, we might invite some additional people to be in the judging panel.

Each judge will independently choose two pictures for every contest category, and then during a dedicated meeting, they will discuss among themselves which ones will be the winner.

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The judges will decide at the beginning of every month and the winners will be announced shortly after during a live event hosted on Youtube and Zoom.

One-Click Observation Contest

  • This contest is available to all subscribers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold members.
  • You have to pick a One-Click Observation featured in the current month. Note that you can use and combine past One-Click Observations of the same object acquired in previous months. The only requirement is that the object must feature in the current month's list of One-Click Observations.
  • It must be an observation of the month’s topic
  • You must post-process the FITS images that come together with each color picture of the One-Click Observations (Check our basic tutorial here, or more advanced tutorials here).
  • The picture must be posted on the gallery by the end of the current month
  • You must upload the picture using the following tag: #OneClickContestMMMYY, e.g. #OneClickContestOct21


The winner of the best One-Click Observation will receive 100 credits (value $100) to be spent freely on an Advanced Request.

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The second place on the podium will receive 50 credits (current value $50).

If you are on a Bronze plan, together with the credits you will also get access for 2 months to the Silver plan features for free. This will allow you to submit Advanced Requests, which are normally only available to Silver members. In this way, you will have plenty of time to spend your credits.

Pro Dataset Contest

  • This contest is available to Silver and Gold plan members
  • You have to pick a Standard or Premium Pro Dataset available for the current month.
  • It must be a Pro Dataset of the month’s topic
  • The picture must be posted on the gallery by the end of the current month
  • You must upload the picture using the following tags: #ProDatasetContestMMMYY, e.g. #ProDatasetContestOct21
  • If you already submitted to the gallery an image that qualifies, you can edit the submission and add the relevant tag


The winner will receive 200 credits and 2nd place will receive 100 credits (value $200 and $100 respectively).

Not bad, huh?

Now that you have all the details for the the different contests, the only thing left to do is to start the competition and get your hands dirty with some crazy observations and post-processing!

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Let's have a clean fight, touch hands and go back to your corners! 😉


The term vague on these rules is putting it lightly. Where do we get these images? Are we supposed to use one of the telescopes to get the images or are there datasets we can process. Please clarify your instructions.

They explain in great detail exactly which telescopes must be used and that there is a different category for one clicks, pro data sets and advanced request for each contest each month. I suggest reading the material again if you missed all that.

is image to be uploaded in tiff or jpeg ?... any size restrictions ?