Free Access to Landscape Astrophotography Datasets: A Telescope Live and StellarXperiences Collaboration

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Telescope Live, in collaboration with StellarXperiences, is excited to announce a unique opportunity for astrophotography enthusiasts. We are now offering free access to an exclusive collection of landscape astrophotography datasets, opening up a world of celestial exploration to our members.

Before delving into the details, we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the team at StellarXperiences (Mustafa Aydin and Okan Can Bozat). Their expertise and dedication in capturing the majestic beauty of the cosmos have been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Their contribution is not just in the form of stunning imagery, but also in fostering a spirit of learning and appreciation for the night sky thanks to the making of exquisite learning resources.

This partnership presents a collection of high-quality raw frames, and educational resources alongside these datasets. These comprehensive guides and tutorials are designed to help both novice and experienced astrophotographers in processing these images, turning raw data into breathtaking astrophotography.

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You can find these datasets and resources by clicking here below

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