Transition From Old to New Plans


As I have promised you in my last blog post, today I will tell you what will happen to our existing clients and to those of you who still have credits to spend.

You know that, with the current version of Telescope Live, you can use our telescopes with the pay-as-you-go formula but this will change with the 2.0 version.

So, it is absolutely natural that you may ask yourself something like:

“What will happen to all the credits that I’ve accumulated?”

Well, the good news is that those credits are yours and you will have all the time you want to use them.

This is something I wanted to guarantee to our existing clients because I truly respect the trust you gave us in the past and I won’t do anything that might compromise that trust.

But some things will change with Telescope Live 2.0 and I wrote this update in order to explain how these changes are going to affect you.

Let’s start from the bottom and see all the transitions for each and every existing plan.

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The first thing to know is that, as soon as the new platform will be launched, you will see in your profile section that you are in a “Legacy Plan”.

This is the plan where all the existing customers will be placed at the beginning of the transition.

If you are in a Free Plan.

Nothing will happen in this case.

With the transition to Telescope Live 2.0, you will be able to use your credits for the Advanced Requests till you finish them and there will be no need to subscribe to one of our new plans.

That said, you won’t have the possibility to buy more credits (since this will be a prerogative of the Silver and Gold subscribers).

Clearly, you also won’t have access to all the new functionalities until you decide to subscribe to one of the new plans.

If you chose one of the 3 new plans (and, given all the crazy new functions and benefits, I strongly encourage you to do that) you will go from the Legacy Plan to the new one you choose (either Bronze, Silver or Gold).

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At this point you will have all the benefits of your new subscription plan plus all the credits accumulated in the past.

“Marco, is that all? It doesn’t sounds great to me”

It has been sometime that you receive my updates and probably you are expecting something more…

You know what? You are right!

Even though you are in a free plan, I’ve decided against the will of our accountant – who would gladly kill me for all the benefits we have included in the new plans – that you absolutely have to try the new platform.

For this reason you will get 1 free month of the Silver Plan features.

This way you will be able to try it for 30 days and then freely decide if you want to stay out of our revolution or become an active part of it.

Once the 1 month free trial expires, you will have to decide what to do (either subscribe or stay in the Legacy Plan until you have spent all the credits accumulated – credits that you won’t be able to buy).

If you are in a $19/month Plan.

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Also in this case, you will remain on your current plan and you will be able to spend your credits when you want.

But, since I truly value the relationship with our clients who have subscribed in the past (thank you guys, without you we would have had really tough times), I have decided to give you 3 months of free trial of the Silver Plan features!

That’s a present for you that is valued $57.

Once the free trial period expires, you will have to choose what to do: either subscribe to one of our plans or stay with your current plan (the $19 per month).

If you decide not to subscribe to a new plan, you won’t have the possibility to buy new credits but you will still receive your 20 credits per month – as planned with your actual subscription.

In the future we may introduce a cut-off-date to the old subscriptions but this is going to happen in the distant future and you will receive a notice about that well in advance.

If you are in a $49/month Plan (or above).

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Here we have applied the exact same principles of the previous plan, so you will still receive your monthly credit allowance, but you won’t be able to buy new credits.

The only (huge) difference is that, instead of 3 months of free trial of the Silver Plan, you will get 3 months of free trial for all the Gold Plan features!

The value of this free trial I’m offering you is of $147.

Not bad huh?

After such insane gifts and bonuses I’m offering you, I will have to ask you a big favour: pray for me because I know that, when the accountant will read this update, he will chase me with an axe!

Going back to serious business, if you decide that the Gold Plan (or even the other two) is no good for you, you are still able to use your credits the way you want.

But please remember that, if you don’t subscribe to a new plan (Silver or Gold), after your free trial you won’t have the possibility to buy new credits. However, you will still receive the amount of credits per month provided by your subscription.

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I think that also this topic has been fully disclosed.

This was my last pre-launch update so keep your eyes peeled for the new one where I will announce the launch of Telescope Live 2.0!