WATCH NOW: We Talk All Things Astrophotography with The Cosmic Companion


As you probably know by now, our core mission is to make astrophotography more accessible to professionals and enthusiasts across the globe.

But one of the biggest challenges of that mission is spreading the word!

That’s why we were delighted to be invited for an interview with The Cosmic Companion.

What is The Cosmic Companion?
For those who haven’t heard of it already, The Cosmic Companion is a leading astronomy newsletter and podcast, which has a similar mission to our own.

Trusted by both Google and Bing, they aim to ‘bring complex space and astronomy news down to Earth’.

It’s led by James Maynard, who has been named a top writer by – not to mention a long list of accolades and recommendations for his newsletter and podcast.

Watch our episode
If you like the sound of The Cosmic Companion, you’ll be delighted to hear that our recently recorded interview is now online.

In Astronomy from Home, our co-founder Alex Curry discusses all things astrophotography with James.

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You can watch the interview on YouTube here or, if you prefer Facebook, you can find it here.

Otherwise, if you want to listen to it on the go, here’s the link to the podcast.

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Clear skies!

Marco Rocchetto


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