Weather Update from Spain


You might be wondering why your observations submitted to our Spanish observatory are not arriving, and are continuously postponed.

Well, the simple answer is the weather. Our Spanish observatory is located in one of the driest regions in Europe, but in the winter months, we still experience a lot of rainy and humid days. So, between mid-November and  January, we have a lot of unexpected weather that interrupts the schedule.

Humidity, on top of clouds, is also a killer. We cannot open our roofs if humidity is higher than 90%. We do this to protect our expensive equipment. 

Weather affects One-Click Observations and Advanced Requests, submitted to all our Spanish telescopes (SPA-1, 2 and 3).

What can I do?

There's not much we can do to beat the weather! 

But you can keep an eye on the weather forecasts and hope for the better. We recommend using ClearOutside, an excellent weather forecast service built astronomers. Weather forecasts for our Spanish observatory are available here.

If the weather looks terrible like now, and if you are looking to get some images faster, you should remove your One-Click Observations or delete your Advanced Requests submitted to Spain (you will get a refund in the second case), and resubmit to our southern hemisphere observatories.

The weather in Chile and Australia is, in fact, much better! (You can check the forecasts here for Chile, and here for Australia).

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First snow of the year. Here's Colin from our Spanish Observatory cleaning the roofs of the workshop.

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