Eta Carina Nebula with DeepSkyStacker & Photoshop

Eta Carina
A short introduction video tutorial on how to process Eta Carina, using images obtained with the Telescope Live ASA 500N telescope located in Chile. In this tutorial, Peter Jenkins guides us through the process using inexpensive software: Fits Liberator (Free), DeepSkyStacker (Free), and Photoshop (subscription starting at $9.99/month). There is a companion tutorial that uses PixInsight instead (one-off license of $260). The associated dataset contains only three 10 min images per filter (Halpha, SII, OIII), for a total cost of less than 100 credits. The data that Peter collected using our facility at El Sauce is being made available for others to practice the techniques shown in these tutorials.
by Peter Jenkins
1 video, 0h 16m
Software used: Fits Liberator, DeepSkyStacker, Photoshop
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