The October 2021 Contests Are Here!


Today we are announcing the new contest for the One-Click Observations, Pro Datasets for the month of October 2021.

Are you new to our contests? Read the general rules first.

You can see who won the previous September 2021 contest, featuring Broadband Imaging data and the Giant Squid Nebula special data, by watching the dedicated video here where our judges Adam Block, Nik Szymanek, and Yannick Akar announce the winners or by reading the blog post here.

This month, we decided to pick a category of objects that's often overlooked: Star Clusters

Star clusters are associations of stars bound together by gravitational forces. They are sub-divided into globular clusters, containing tens of milions of old stars, and open clusters, containing fewer a few tens to a few hundreds of young stars.

If you want to find out more about Star Clusters you can read our dedicated Academy article here.

So, to participate to the One Click Observation and/or Pro Dataset contests you must pick an image featuring a star cluster.

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To qualify for any of these contests, remember to add the appropriate tags when you submit your image to the gallery:

#OneClickContestOct21 and #ProDatasetContestOct21

This is essential! If you don't do that your image will not be reviewed.

Remember that for the Pro Dataset contest Premium datasets also qualify.

If you are new to our platform or if you never took part in such contests in the past, you should read our dedicated page explaining the contest rules.