And The December 2021 Contest Winners Are...


Today is podium day!

Our judges Adam Block and Nik Szymanek have completed their evaluation of all the post-processed pictures submitted for the December 2021 contests and we have the winners!

🏆 One-Click Observation Contest Winners 🏆

The One-Click Observation for the December 2021 Contest is NGC 3324, obtained with CHI-4 in the HSO filter set. It is made of 1h 40m of total exposure time.

You can see and grab this One-Click Observation by clicking here.

Beginner Tier

NGC 3324 by Mark Freeth
Prize: 25 credits

Expert Tier

NGC 3324 by Walter Borghini
Prize: 50 credits

🏆 Observation Bundle Contest Winners 🏆

The Observation Bundle for December 2021 Contest is NGC 2014 obtained with CHI-1 in the HSO filter set. It contains 11 One-Click Observations or 11h 20m of total exposure time.

You can see and grab this Observation Bundle by clicking here.

Beginner Tier

NGC 2014 by Glenn Kaatz
Prize: 75 credits

Expert Tier

NGC 2014 by Mathieu Guinot
Prize: 100 credits

Let’s give a round of applause to all the winners who are going to enjoy the honors and the prizes!

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Congratulations to all winners! This contest provides a lot of inspiration and insight looking at all the different approaches to processing the same object. I learned a lot from it.

I know it's asking for a lot but I would appreciate if the jury would comment on the winner's images and point out what they liked most about it. It would be an additional incentive to participate - may be worth even more than the credits - and it would be instructional for all participants.

Thank you for this contest and to all participants.