Introducing the Ultimate Astrophotography Toolkit for Beginners: a FREE Video Series That Will Open the Gates to the World of Astrophotography - No Experience Needed


Has the dazzling beauty of the cosmos left you with a burning desire to capture celestial wonders, but you find yourself frustrated by the seemingly insurmountable challenges that come with astrophotography?

The astronomical costs of gear, the steep learning curve, and the lack of guidance for practicing the hobby can be utterly disheartening.

You're not alone! Countless passionate stargazers face these same hurdles, feeling hopeless and overwhelmed in their pursuit of astrophotography.

But this time, we are putting an end to all this frustration for good!

We believe that the wonders of the night sky should be accessible to everyone, and we're on a mission to obliterate those barriers that stand in your way.

We're determined to make astrophotography more approachable, enjoyable, and affordable for all.

The main barrier to astrophotography

The most complicated aspect when starting this magnificent hobby is working with raw files and transforming them into stunning images (a process the astrophotography community calls post-processing).

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In order to do so you need software specifically designed for it.

As everybody knows, the most famous and used image editor on the planet is Adobe Photoshop, but, when it comes to astrophotography, this software - as well as the majority of “classic” photo editors - is incomplete.

Clearly, there are many software programs designed for astrophotography, and you can achieve incredible results with them (our video tutorial library is full of these videos).

But, besides being pretty expensive, they are also quite complicated to use, especially if you have no previous knowledge of post-processing or astrophotography.

The good news is that we have created the perfect path for those who want to dip their toes into astrophotography without having to pay anything!

You need to know that there is only one free software tool available on the market that was designed for astrophotography and covers every single step of post-processing astronomical images.

So, what we did was partnering up with this software house to create the first, most complete and thorough video series ever made specifically tailored for novices.

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This video series will show you, step by step, how to transform raw astronomical data into breathtaking works of art, even if you are a complete beginner and have never used this kind of tool!

The software we are referring to is called Siril.

Introducing Siril

As we said, Siril is a powerful, free, and open-source image processing software exclusively dedicated to astrophotography.

It is designed for Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems, and it offers user-friendly tools and advanced algorithms specifically for processing astronomical images. 

Our comprehensive tutorial series will guide you through every step: from downloading raw data to producing awe-inspiring astrophotography.

Imagine the satisfaction and pride you'll feel when you share your very own processed astrophotography images with friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts. 

As you develop your skills using Siril and Telescope Live, you'll gain the confidence to explore the night sky and create your own collection of celestial masterpieces.

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The Ultimate Astrophotography Toolkit for Beginners

We'll guide you through the entire process, from downloading raw data through our platform to producing stunning celestial images that you can proudly share with others. 

With step-by-step instructions and user-friendly tools, you'll quickly and easily learn how to use Siril to bring your astrophotography dreams to life and put an end to your frustrations.

Unboxing of The Ultimate Astrophotography Toolkit for Beginners

If you want to know in advance what’s covered in this video series, here’s the unboxing. This video series consists of 6 parts:

Part 1: Introduction to Siril, Data Selection, and Wavelength Explanation

SIRIL is a complete and one of the most powerful image processing tools for both new and experienced astrophotographers. Being free and open source, it offers various features that make it an excellent choice for beginners. In this video, we'll download SIRIL and select an appropriate One-Click Observation to download.

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Part 2: What are the Scripts and how to use them to simplify image processing

Scripts play a vital role in processing your Telescope Live images with SIRIL. In this video, we'll explain their importance and demonstrate how to effortlessly upload them to SIRIL. We'll also illustrate the workflow for registering and stacking your Telescope Live images more easily. Furthermore, we'll explore SIRIL's framing tools and the diverse data types compatible with the scripts provided.

Part 3: Mastering Histogram Manipulation for Optimal Data Utilization

Every astrophotographer needs to understand histogram manipulation. In this video, we'll examine two distinct methods for obtaining the most information from your data. We'll transform the newly created color images (made with the scripts) turning them from a few stars into a magnificent astrophoto.

Part 4: How to perform color correction and boost saturation to ensure image’s accuracy

After enhancing your image with histogram stretches, you'll want to ensure its color accuracy. This video will show you how to process the green noise out of Hubble palette images and how to perform a color correction technique applicable to all astro images. Lastly, we'll boost saturation to enrich your image's colors.

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Part 5: Star Removal in Nebulae Images with StarNet

We'll briefly discuss StarNet, a powerful tool for completely removing stars from nebulae images. While it's a matter of personal preference, in this tutorial we'll apply this process to our image to emphasize the nebulosity of the chosen target.

Part 6: Final touches: Image Enhancement and how to download it for sharing purposes

To conclude, we'll explore an easy-to-use sharpening tool for further detail enhancement in your astro image. This versatile and user friendly tool is suitable for most astro images. We'll finish by cropping and framing our image to a region of interest and posting it on the Telescope Live gallery.

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The Ultimate Astrophotography Toolkit for Beginners

Why Are We Putting this Out for Free?

By offering this video series free of charge, we're staying true to our mission of making astrophotography accessible to everyone

To watch the video series, there's no need to subscribe to a plan

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But if you're eager to find a treasure trove of data to transform into jaw-dropping pictures, then we strongly encourage you to start your Telescope Live free trial.

Telescope Live is committed to providing you with the resources you need to excel in astrophotography. With our platform, you'll benefit from:

  • Access to a worldwide network of professional telescopes, eliminating the need to buy expensive equipment before understanding if you like the hobby.
  • The world's largest and ever-expanding archive of raw datasets, giving you new targets to explore every day – meaning there’s no waiting time for gathering the data. This is also the most affordable way to obtain data from professional telescopes available in the market (approximately $1per dataset).
  • An extensive tutorial section covering the art of post-processing, allowing you to continually improve your skills and abilities.

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Our platform and the Siril video series will empower you to learn astrophotography quickly and easily, without feeling overwhelmed. 

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Imagine finally putting an end to your frustrations as you effortlessly process your own celestial images using Siril and downloading the data for free with Telescope Live's free trial.

With our state-of-the-art platform and exciting new video series, you'll soon master the art of capturing breathtaking celestial images. 

Don't let the learning curve hold you back any longer – unleash your creative potential and embark on your astrophotography journey today!

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