Advanced Requests - Get What You Want

Hi All, Right now there is a sale on credits at Telescope Live. The prices are some we have not seen for a while either. I would most certainly suggest getting some. In fact, I bought a couple thousand of them myself. The reason why is that I can put in Advanced Requests and I can also get all of the One Click Observations.

Putting in Advanced Requests is pretty easy, and even if you are looking for an object that TL can't find, you can always put in custom RA and Dec. Once you are in there you can choose how many of what exposures you want and how long they are. Here is an example of that:

Screenshot of the advanced request page where you choose exposure time and number

On some of the telescopes you can even do a preview of what it should look like so you can double check your framing. It is over at the side and if it shows Preview fov then External link you know you will be able to check it. This is what that looks like:

screenshot of the image preview on CG4 with CHI-1

Remember, if you see something you want on Astrobin, a Facebook group, wherever and it is an object you want to capture, but don't have either the skies or the equipment, and it isn't in the past or future One Click Observations then an Advanced Request is the way to do.

According to the list on Telescope Live it looks like I have already done 82 Advanced Requests, and I have 5 more pending. Some of the One Click Observations even started out as Advanced Requests by me and by other people too! So get those credits while they are on sale and get some nice Advanced Requests in.

Here is one of the many I have done, NGC 2247. I have it offset a bit to capture some other stuff. I did it in 2 sets, one of LRGB and another to add in Ha. You can also schedule different parts on different nights if needed on telescopes that require custom scheduling.

Normally I post a link showing where you can get an object, but this is one I booked as an Advanced Request, so here is the link to be able to do that yourself!

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