How To Get Rid of Black Vertical Lines using Pixinsight


Do you notice those black lines in some of your data? Ever wonder if there is an easy way to get rid of them?

Well if you're a pixinsight user then you are in luck. There is a script built in called "Linear Defect Detection" to put put it simply, this script detects dead pixel columns and maps them so they can be replaced by surrounding pixels in the cosmetic correction tool.

You can find this script under scripts>other>liner defect detection. From there just run the script on a image frame and output the file to your preferred location. When you go to cosmetic correction you can check defect list and load the new defect list you just created. You and also add or subtract columns from the list, make sure to sample in the live preview until you get your desired results.

This feature is especially useful when processing data captured on older CCD cameras that have these dead pixel columns. 

I hope this little nugget of information helps some of you out. Let me know if you'd like to learn about other tools for post processing or astrophotography related topics.

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Clear skies everyone!

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