Weighted Batch Pre-Processing on PixInsight

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Webinar’s Title: Weighted Batch Pre-Processing on PixInsight

Host: Alex Curry, Co-Founder of Telescope Live

Tutor: Warren Keller

Webinar Time & Date: Saturday, 30th of September at 6 PM UTC

elescope Live Tutor and Master of PixInsight co-founder, Warren Keller, will guide you through the preparation and execution of PixInsight's WBPP script. 

This will cover how to pre-process both Telescope Live data, which is already pre-calibrated, and uncalibrated data. Both sets of data will be sourced from the Telescope Live platform. 

Warren will also demonstrate how you can optimize the settings in WBPP to maximise the potential of your data and expedite your processing workflows.

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