Two Tools for your Astrophotography Workflow


I have written some tools for astrophotography and after I joined Telescope Live some time ago I have updated my tools to work with Telescope Live. My tools are developed for personal use but I am sharing them in case someone is interested.

I have two tools:

  • Pixinsight script AutoIntegrate.js
  • Astro Mosaic Telescope Planner

Pixinsight script AutoIntegrate.js

Pixinsight script AutoIntegrate.js takes calibrated FITS files, runs basic PixInsight workflow and produces an (almost) final image.

It works with both broadband (RGB) and narrowband (HSO) data.

I think the script would be useful for someone just starting out with PixInsight and wanting an easy start before learning all the processes needed to create an image.

It also suits well for lazy people like me.

For best results you often still need manual processing as described in tutorials. I have more information about AutoIntegrate here:

Astro Mosaic Telescope Planner

Astro Mosaic Telescope Planner is a tool (HTML page) to show a visual view of the target with a selected telescope.
It uses Aladin Sky Atlas.

I was not sure what I would get with One-Click Observations so I added Telescope Live telescopes there.

Astro Mosaic can also do some other stuff too like:
- Calculate mosaic coordinates and show the mosaic grid view
- Show target visibility during the night etc.

To use Telescope Live telescopes you need to select Telescope Live from the Service list.

I have more information about Astro Mosaic here:

These are just hobby projects but if you have any improvement ideas or if you find any problems please let me know!

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It is now possible to automatically fix linear column and row defects in the AutoIntegrate script. It uses linear defect detection algorithm from LinearDefectDetection.js script. Defect information is used by CosmeticCorrection to fix the defects.

Two new options were added, Fix column defects and Fix row defects. They are not enabled by default.

Hi again Jarmo ...
Earier today I used your AstroMosaic utility to see what it does.
It worked fine ... including the link to Aladin.
However ... since then I have found that if I now try to open up Aladin on it's own ( I use it a lot for planning my imaging ) it will not open up for me :-(((
Has your AstroMosaic possibly done something to cause a problem????

Hi ... I have just spent a couple of hours trying out the AutoIntegrate script in PixInsight and I am very impressed with what it does. Plenty more to explore though.
However ... it does not seem to cope very well with cosmic correction of column defects. I have overcome this by running my images using the "normal" PixInsight cosmic correction process before running the AutoIntegrate Script :-) Cheers Mike

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